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Fully Flush Casement Windows – Find out what you’re missing

14th October 2019

Have you had more homeowners enquiring about aluminium windows recently?


It would hardly be surprising as aluminium is experiencing a resurgence. Since 2010 the PVC-U market has grown by 9% in installed value terms but the aluminium market is up by 120%. And it’s aluminium windows that are driving the trend – windows accounted for 65% of the aluminium market in housing in 2016 and bifolds were 15%. This information was obtained by Palmer Market Research.


When you stop to think about, the renewed interest in aluminium isn’t surprising. This new generation of buyers places more importance on aesthetics than we’ve ever seen before.

Until now, the problem has been that design and development in the aluminium sector hasn’t kept pace with the PVC-U sector. There hasn’t been any reason to – why innovate in a sector that’s so small?

But faced with a new generation of design-conscious buyers, have you felt deflated at only being able to show them ageing systems that have only received a few updates since they were first launched?

It was fabricators’ and installers’ desire for something better that informed the development of Stellar, our brand new aluminium window and door system. And we certainly have developed something better. Stellar has been designed from the ground up to create a retail and light commercial system for the 21st century.


Perhaps the most important innovation is a market-first – the only Fully Flush Casement Window on the market.


And we really do mean fully flush – thanks to the patent-pending reverse butt joint that means no dummy sashes or reverse adaptor profiles are needed the Fully Flush Casement Window has flush lines both inside and outside. The unique design also means the Fully Flush Casement Window has up to 12% more glass area than a comparable rival, so it delivers more of the natural light that today’s homeowners want to maximise.

It looks absolutely stunning in modern homes because the sleek lines perfectly complement today’s design trends. It’s also beautifully understated so it looks perfect in heritage settings too.

It measures up in all the other areas today’s homeowners would expect too. It can achieve U-values as low as 1.1W/m2K without foams or special polyamides. It uses Yale hardware so security is covered with a lifetime guarantee.


The other benefits of going back to the drawing board


Because we went back to the drawing board with Stellar, we were able to look at the fabrication and installation processes with a modern eye. The reverse butt joint is only the start.

Stellar is pre-gasketed, which speeds up fabrication time by 20% and reduces waste too. It uses fast-fit espagnolettes so no shootbolts are required. Hardware is direct fix too. The Fully Flush Casement Window doesn’t need chevrons or corner ties.

Stellar is a fully internally glazed system so glass can be fitted from the inside. (Replacement is less of a hassle too.) The glazing beads are patent-pending because they knock-in, making the process of glazing quick and easy. As an added bonus they also leave a neat, clean gasket line on the inside which means they add to the crisp, clean appearance.

The flat rebates mean fitting glazing packers is simple and flat backed frames make positioning them perfectly easy too.


An aluminium window system you can be proud of


If you’ve been feeling that the aluminium systems market wasn’t delivering on homeowner expectations, take a look at Stellar. In the Fully Flush Casement Window and across the entire range, it’s everything they’re expecting and more.


To find out more, click HERE.

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