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Slimmest Sightlines

We can’t avoid feeling proud of the engineering and precise shapes of our aluminium sections, but we know that with windows, frames are rarely the thing the homeowner wants to keep looking at.

So, even though we’ve developed a remarkable window and door system, we don’t mind admitting that one of its best features is how little there is of it. Stellar is so slim that it’s unobtrusive, ensuring that the view – the outlook – remains the focus.

Stellar is at least 30% slimmer than the main competing systems.

Comparing a window of the same overall size and layout, that 30% difference means you’ll enjoy a glass area that’s about 12% larger. Mullions won’t restrict the view in the same way. Your home will be lighter, and you won’t need to rely on artificial light quite so much. What’s more, the larger glass-to-frame ratio improves thermal performance.

There’s another benefit, but this time it’s the planet that feels it. Because it’s designed to consume less material and generate less waste, it’s very frugal in its use of resources.

Despite its slender proportions, Stellar is strong, designed to protect against the elements. It’s durable, ready to withstand the knocks and bumps of daily traffic with good looks that last. It’s a slim window – it’s the slimmest window – but it’s more than a match for other systems.