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Stellar Performance

Stellar’s performance statistics deliver on every level. The system offers a host of intelligent security features and meets the requirements of all current industry accreditations including BS 4873:2016 standard for aluminium alloy windows and doorsets, for complete peace of mind.

The Flush Effect

The flush look might appear to be a modern trend, and it’s certainly a perfect complement to contemporary architecture, but it’s something of a classic too.

Slimmest Sightlines

We can’t avoid feeling proud of the engineering and precise shapes of our aluminium sections, but we know that with windows, frames are rarely the thing the homeowner wants to keep looking at.

Manufacturing Excellence

The fabricator choosing Stellar will find an aluminium system that sets new standards. With Stellar, the design brief was a system that excelled at every level: for the end user, for the installer and for those fabricating Stellar windows and doors.

Installation Excellence

A straightforward installation makes all the difference, and Stellar has been developed to ensure it’s easy to fit and get right first time.


When you’re choosing windows and doors, you need to feel sure you’re making a sound investment in your home. That’s why we’ve engineered an outstanding system, and in turn, that’s why we have no hesitation in backing our products with comprehensive guarantees.


Epwin Window Systems has long been an advocate of responsible, planet-friendly manufacturing.