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A Stellar choice for installers

Stellar aluminium bifold doors are installed up to
20 minutes per pane quicker
meaning less time is spent on site or at a customer’s home.


Up to 20 minutes
per Pane Quicker
to Install

Less Time
on Site


Ultra-slim sightlines, stunning aesthetics and a range of colour options make
Stellar aluminium bifolds the preferred installer choice.

But don’t take our word for it

What makes Stellar the installers choice?

  • Market-leading slim sightlines - 30% slimmer sightlines than main competitors
  • Offers 12% more glass area
  • Up to 20% quicker to fabricate, saving labour and materials
  • Patent-pending reverse butt joint - no dummy sashes or reverse adaptor profiles required
  • Performance to Band A+
  • Internally glazed throughout - no need for scaffolding
  • Easy-glaze knock-in beads
  • Flat rebates - glazing packers are easy to fit
  • Fully flush sash option
  • Patent-pending pre-gasketed system