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Why Aluminium is the commercial sector material of choice

29th February 2020

Aluminium has dominated the commercial sector for many years. The material accounted for over 80% of commercial frames in 2014, compared to only 6% for PVC-U.1 The same research forecast a 22% growth in aluminium glazing sales by 2019 to £2.7 Billion.

The reason for aluminium’s popularity in the commercial sector is down to many of the materials characteristics.


Aluminium window frames are very strong. This means that lightweight slim frames can hold large pieces of glass securely in place, ideal for the larger windows, doors and curtain walling seen in commercial spaces.

The strength of aluminium means that the frames can be made slimmer than timber or PVC. This allows more space for glazing and therefore more light. The Stellar system takes slimline to a whole new level, being at least 30% slimmer than the main competing systems. That 30% difference means you’ll enjoy a glass area that’s about 12% larger.


For a slimline look, nothing beats aluminium. Stellar is so slim that it’s unobtrusive, ensuring that the view – the outlook – remains the focus. For commercial spaces, which benefit from beautiful surroundings, aluminium windows can ensure this is uninterrupted. The frames themselves are available with a tough, polyester powder coated finish in Anthracite Grey. Utilising the grey palette provides a modern sleek aesthetic for any commercial space.


Aluminium naturally generates a corrosion resistant, protective oxide coating. This gives it excellent weather resistance quality, making it the perfect choice for exterior building finishes. Aluminium doors and windows can be further protected with a range of coatings. They can be anodised, powder painted, or lacquered in a multitude of different colours and metallic effect finishes for the ultimate in customisation.


Not many people know that aluminium is completely recyclable. Epwin Window Systems, who produce the Stellar system, have long been an advocate of responsible, planet-friendly manufacturing.

Stellar windows and doors are made using recyclable materials and insulate to an excellent standard. It uses up to 30% less profile for comparably sized windows allowing more natural light into buildings, reducing the reliance on artificial lighting.

Energy efficiency

For large-scale buildings where improving energy efficiency levels are highly important, aluminium is an excellent choice as it is extremely thermally efficient. The lower the U-value, the better the insulation provided by the material. The Stellar system can achieve U-values as low as 1.1W/m2K.

What Next?

If you are looking for an aluminium window and doors system for a commercial project then why not get in touch and talk to one of our friendly team. Alternatively request a brochure here.



  1. Palmer Market Research ‘The Commercial Glazing Market in Great Britain’ 2015 Edition

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