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6 Reasons why with Stellar Aluminium you will have a quick installation

10th February 2020

Stellar is easy to live with, but it’s also easy to work with. Because we’ve paid attention to how it’s glazed and installed, new windows and doors can be fitted with only minimal disruption.

A straightforward installation makes all the difference, and Stellar has been developed to ensure it’s easy to fit and get right first time.

So, here are a few reasons why you should choose Stellar Aluminium


A fully internally glazed system

Stellar Aluminium needs no scaffolding because glass can be fitted from inside. If the glass ever needs replacing, the job is simple.

Patent-pending knock-in beads

Patent-pending knock-in beads make the process of glazing a window very speedy and have the advantage of leaving a neat, clean gasket line on the inside and all part of Stellar’s remarkable aesthetics.

Thresholds are removable

Should the threshold need to be replaced, there’s no need to remove the door frame. Thresholds are completely removable on their own, saving time and money.

Flat rebates

Fitting glazing packers is simple. Rebates are easy to clean and don’t trap dirt.

Frames are flat backed

This adaptation means that it’s always simple to get frames positioned just right.



Stellar is the innovative, new aluminium system that sets new standards.

It is a pre-gasketed system, which means it’s up to 20% quicker to fabricate. It also has an innovative reverse butt joint, which means no dummy sashes or reverse adaptor profiles are needed. It all adds up to a system that is much more efficient to fabricate than its rivals, so it lowers your labour costs and improves your bottom line.

Stellar revolutionises aluminium windows with its unique reverse butt joint. It’s faster to fabricate, saves materials, and reduces stockholding. It is also adaptable, attractive, simple to install, and maintenance requirements are minimal.

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